The best time to visit Goa


Hey guys ! looks like by this time you have gathered much information about Goa like- The best places to visit in Goa , The best beaches in Goa and where to enjoy the Best Night Clubs & Pubs in Goa to rock on the best music played by some of the famous DJs in India and the world. Now you must be thinking what is the best time to visit goa right? Let me help you out –

First things first- you need to decide on priority – Whats your budget and whats your vacation time of at least 5 days at a stretch . This has a direct impact on your trip. So if you are planing to accommodate your trip in a fixed budget and not willing to spend too much on hotels, travels and restaurants but willing to enjoy them all, just try to be in Goa in early summer like Feb-March or the monsoon season means June- August. During this time there is a high chance you will get lot of good deals as below 🙂

Early Summer February-March Goa Visit:

  • Not too hot weather
  • Good deals on hotels as the peak time has just gone by
  • Airfares are less with good deals
  • Places are not too much crowded
  • Enjoy the best evenings along side seashores or enjoy water sports



Monsoon Season : June to September Goa Visit

  • Awesome weather to enjoy beauty of Goa
  • Best time to visit waterfalls, spice plantations and nature places
  • Hotel rates are relatively higher but still less than peak season
  • Air fares are less than peak season
  • Enjoy Pubs, festivals, shopping and concerts


Peak Season : October to January Goa Visit

  • Party time with tourists visiting across the world
  • Goa is in full swing and very cheerful with celebration mood
  • Best weather to enjoy beaches and joyful ambiance
  • Expensive accommodation, airfares, restaurants and vehicle hires
  • But worth spending money during this time if you want to enjoy Goa lively



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