Shopping in Goa – Anjuna Flea Market

Shopping is one of the favorite activities for Indians and foreigners in Goa. Usually after spending decent time on beaches, restaurants and pubs, travelers tend to explore the Goan shopping markets. Goa has all kind of markets and one can get variety of things in many flea markets, street markets, malls and brand stores. Believe me, even if you are just exploring the streets, with no intention to buy anything, markets are full of variety & attractive stuffs, you will find something which you cant resist to buy.

What’s even better is that, Goan street markets are best suited for bargain hunters.  If you’re hunting for the local stuff, you can engage in the time-honored tradition of bargaining. What you think is cheap can even be bought cheaper, if you’re a good enough negotiator !

Anjuna Flea Market:

Anjuna Flea Market

Known For: Indian Spices, Artificial jewelry, Garments, handicrafts, hand made soaps, perfumes, clothing and variety of other stuffs

How to reach here: Held on every Wednesday, the market can be reached by cabs, two- wheeler which you can easily rent in Goa on day basis, or you can get a water taxi along the Baga or Calangute Beach. There are two boats that leave from Baga beach, each carrying around 10 passengers, and this a round 15 minute ride to Anjuna beach. The fare is around INR 150 each way. Life-jackets are supplied on board each boat . There is quite a steep 10 minute uphill walk from the beach to the market itself .

What to Expect: Anjuna market is one of Goa’s most popular flea markets, with a whole variety of sellers offering everything imaginable, you get a true sense of India with a nice aroma of spices from the spice stalls as you pass by. Market is little hot in summer, but it is shaded in some areas. There is also live music going on that fills the atmosphere with music, entertainment and shopping all over.

Anjuna flea markt

Sellers try to encourage you to look at their shops and stalls, you will also find small cafes to buy foods & drink, but don’t expect luxury, these are very basic. As you walk more through the market, and approach towards the beach where you will find a really nice bars and restaurants options. All through the shopping lanes you will find handcrafted items, clothing, jewelries hanging and displayed at  front of all the stalls. Try to take your own time and don’t buy from the first vendors – there are so many stalls selling the same things. Remember you should have fare bit of negotiation for the things you buy. You will get things at good price, and if the seller gets even small or reasonable profit he will agree to sell it to you. Also, watch out for some scammers, though nothing to worry much about it. Dont hesitate to ask for other copy of the product if its not perfect, they may have it kept inside and possibly offer you the best piece. Lots to buy, enjoy and eat and drink in this market. So enjoy and don’t forget to give a visit here!


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