Shopping in Goa- Mapusa Friday Market


Known For: Fresh fruits & vegetables, Flavored tea and spices, Sausages & pickles, Household items, Meat & fish
How to reach here: Mapusa market is right next to the Mapusa bus stand and is well connected to all other villages and cities in Goa. You can arrive here by cab or two wheeler from any location in Goa. Parking space is a constraint and you need to struggle to part your vehicle due to space crunch and crowd.
Things to explore: An excellent location for ardent shoppers, this colorful market is open every day but it is in full swing on Fridays. Mapusa market is the usual Goan bazaar for most of the week, where local traders bring in their usual stuff. On Fridays, the market turns into a platform for Goan traders to showcase their produce in the most vibrant and noisy fashion and they get full response from the Goan citizens who come and buy lots of stuff there. You can find just about anything at Mapusa Market on a Friday, with items ranging from antiques and Goan pottery to handicrafts, textiles, clothing, spices, fruits, vegetables, meats, jewellery and much more.
Try to be there on a Friday if you want to feel the buzz of this market, when it’s in full swing, selling anything from meat, fish, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, fruit and vegetables etc. It takes a good two hours to walk through all the stalls. The seasonal fruits and vegetables are very fresh . You can find wonderful tropical fruits like yellow passion fruit, chickoo, guava, strawberries, berries, mangoes etc and they all taste sweet and refreshing. The locals with their produce were all smiles and really inviting which made you want to buy something. This market is also good for garments like T-shirts, shirts etc. Around the market there are small shop outlets selling dry fruits , pulses etc. On Fridays you’ll find that most taxi drivers try to avoid a trip there since parking may be an issue.

The market has a very different atmosphere compared to flea markets like Anjuna market, which attracts lots of foreign tourists.


This market is little chaotic, random and more towards your household requirements. But you will really get good quality items here. Once you are done with your shopping, you can visit one of the many restaurants here to relish authentic Goan food, or have a drink of your choice. The market usually winds up by sunset. Shops in start opening around 9 am and shut around sunset. And while the market is open all week, the best day to visit it is Friday.


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