Your guide to selecting a hotel in Goa


Goa is one of the smallest state in India and at the same time one of the biggest tourist attraction for Indians and abroad travelers. Millions of people all over the world come here to experience the serene beauty, awesome food, live performances & parties and most important – joyful vibe here!

North & South Goa: Goa is divided in to regions North Goa and South Goa. North Goa being more cheerful and popular for parties, clubs, rocking beaches and shopping where as south Goa is full of beautiful places with lots of peaceful beaches, old magnificent churches and Goan native people, markets and restaurants.

Selecting a Hotel – North Goa Vs South Goa: First you need to think and decide, what you are going to enjoy more – the North Goa or South Goa, based on your own interest- If you want have fun, parties, visit pubs, shop in flea markets and enjoy rocking beaches- then try to chose a hotel in north Goa. But if your preference is to enjoy peaceful serene beaches and go around to see the beautifully constructed churches then you can chose for south Goa.

Types of accommodations: Believe me, In Goa one can find many different options of accommodation spread accross all over the Goa – such as –

Star hotels , Villa, Guest houses, Apartments, Huts & Beach facing huts, Resorts, Cottages, Bungalows, Farm houses, BnB options

What to expect in different hotels:

1.Basic Hotels/ Accommodation: This is typically having a neat room with a bed and basic amenities. You will find these hotels everywhere in Goa, and also some local families will provide very good, neatly maintained rooms and it may includes breakfast and food in the package. You can explore Goan culture if you are staying in such guest house, and local people are friendly. You can get such rooms anywhere between INR 800 to 2000 per day based on location and amenities. During peak season these room rates may go a little high due to high demand.


2. Mid range accommodation: Mid range rooms are the biggest category of accommodation in Goa and there are hundreds of such hotels and options you will get it almost in all areas of Goa. These rooms will typically have room service, guest bars and restaurants, and Wi-Fi internet. Some hotels will have a small pool for swimming. Breakfasts will be either included in package or you have to pay separate, based on package you chose.  During the off season there’s rarely need to book these in advance, with very little price difference compared to budget hotels.pexels-photo-77931.jpeg

3. Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Villas: They are more expensive and will include almost everything you need while living- starting from local travel, Gym, spa, Bars, disco and even some will have their own  private beaches. Off season is a good time to enjoy your stay in these options. The fares in peak days will be very high and some days in Nov to Jan fares even touch anywhere between INR 8000 to 30000 per day.


If you are planning to go in peak season like November to January , It is advisable to book your accommodation well in advance. People from all over the world come to Goa in this duration and the atmosphere is really cheerful and electrifying. People enjoy almost everything here, you name it and you will get it.


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