Jai Ganesh Juice Center Goa

Needless to say this place – whoever has visited has loved it, you will find hundreds of people visiting this place EVERY hour..that’s like nearly thousand visitors a day..that’s how amazing this place is!

From morning till night..this place is bustling with just about every type of traveller..from the junky to hippie to outsider to indian..the rich the poor and the in between..it serves everyone and makes everyone happy or happier than they already are!

It’s a small juice bar situated in the market, off the vagator chapora Road frequented by foreigners more than Indians. This place offers the best milkshakes made from freshly cut fruits and are not expensive either. One can have 3-4 different variety every time one goes there. This place is a must visit. There’s corn cob wala n bun omelet guy just outside the juice bar which u can try while u wait for your shakes.

The best juice center ever. Here you come not only to drink juice or eat fruit salads but also for its complete relaxed atmosphere, for meeting and cheat chatting with different people from all over the world.

The most fresh juices, they serve fast, neat and cheerfull. The prices are so reasonable. You won’t leave not being totally full of juiced and icecream (you absolutely must taste it).
There are several tables but even if they are occupied you can have your fresh juice near the big tree. If you are lucky, there can be some guru there. And if not, you’ll see hemp smokers there.

I have tried nearly all item on the menu..sometimes many juices and shakes and fruit salad with ice cream all at once..and not even one of the item can be disliked..each juice is carefully extracted and fruits are not dead or begging to be removed..they are fresh and utmost ripe with excellent juice..

Coffee…OMG..the cold coffee for 50 rupees can defeat Star bucks or Cos ta any day! I think I have had 8 in one day in a span of few hours..its that good!

This place is so refreshing. Serves a great variety of juices, milkshakes and even ice creams. Tried their strawberry and passion fruit juice and they were amazing. This place was a lot crowded when we visited it but yes it is definitely a must try out place.

Their pastries are also soft and tasty

A must visit to this 8th wonder of the world


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