Mangeshi Temple Goa

What a visually stunning place this temple is. The smells, sights and noises on the walk are a prelude to a very special place of worship and serenity and the ambiance is peaceful , serene and devotional.

Temple is nice, clean & decorated. One get piece of mind once entered in the temple. Get the blessing from almighty God – Lord Shiva. Also seen huge chariot, every year procession is repeated in Jan end or Feb start. Food is available at canteen. Food is generally very good. Walk through a long street to the temple with stalls selling commodities like purses, bags, keychains, wallets ,etc. on both the sides. So nice, Temple building and it’s beautiful colours and wonderful design and very clean surrounding is unique here . Dazzling diety of Lord Shiva is so different and attractive that one feel enormous peace and happiness while looking and offering prayers . A must place to visit in Goa if you like visiting temples .

If you have a car you have to park it at a distance from the temple and do the half km odd trek via lot of stalls and shops . You can purchase flowers from old ladies to offer to the God. The temple itself is at elevation. The entrance to the temple, as in most cases in India, is free. However, one should dress appropriately. In general ladies in shorts being asked to cover their legs with garment provided by the temple authorities. You need to take off your footwear and there is a tap for washing your hands and feet. Photography inside is not allowed. The temple is painted in pleasant white and blue. Inside the temple it is very quiet and peaceful. If you want you can offer money in boxes provided. If you have the time sit inside and meditate for some time. The inner sanctum ( to which the entry seem to be restricted) is covered in intricate silver work. There is a very clean and reasonably priced canteen at the rear of the temple where you can sample the local non- nonsense fare.There is ample place on the premises to sit quietly. The temple has this unhurried ambience about it and is unlike other Hindu temples where priests pester you. There is also a clean use and pay toilet adjacent to the temple. Overall a very pleasant experience.


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