Shanta Durga temple Goa

This beautiful temple is situated in Kavalem village in Ponda Taluk, and is dedicated to the Goddess of power- Durga. This temple is in close proximity to other famous temples like Mangeshi Temple (Dedicated to Lord Shiva) and Mahalasa Narayani temple. These all temples can be covered by tourists in same day. Parking is not a challenge since there is a free parking just near the temple from where you need to climb some stairs to go to the complex. There is a provision for keeping your foot ware & wash the feet before entry. During summer time the path to the temple can get pretty hot so there is a carpet spread. The temple itself is located at foot hills of a small hill & is surrounded by greenery which is seen while approaching the temple. You can get fresh fruits, coconut water, soda which is sold at the stalls outside, besides local produce, gift items & some spices.

The Temple is architecturally a fine example of Goan Temple Culture and the building, the pillar structure in front and a pond just outside bolster the same point.

The interiors of the temple are beautiful and the marble flooring adds to the serene quotient of this temple. One can seek deity blessings, take prasadam and then relax in the temple premises.

The temple has a golden palanquin (Palkhi) in which the deity’s procession is carried during festive occasions periodically. Palaki is carried on every full moon day, this Palkhi with the divine idol is meant for worshiping the God with joy and chantings is really a different and satisfying spiritual experience.

It has a tall lamp tower in front of the temple entrance which is seen on Goa tourism brochures. This temple has the largest residential facility for the devotees & a small fee is charged for the stay. Shanta Durga temples are scattered throughout Goa by either same name or a small variation in it.

Overall a nice experience for cherishing a spiritual experience amid the hustle bustle of Goa. This visit can be clubbed with the visit to Spice Garden or during your route from South to North Goa or Vice versa.


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