The Naval Aviation Museum at Goa

The Naval Aviation Museum at Goashowcases the rich history of Indian Naval Aviation wing. It has a valued collection of vintage and serving aircraft, their engines, armaments and much more to delight an aviation enthusiast or just a curious tourist. One of the lovely Place to visit in Vasco, Goa, this is not much Popular, but worth visiting for Aviation Lovers’ and Little ones’. Few Old Naval Fighter Planes and Helicopters are displayed in open place. A small Museum inside is also nice. Tea-coffee and Refreshments are available at reasonable price. Nearby Bogmala Beach, Colwa Beach and Majorda Beach are less crowdy and worth seeing. Ship Harbour and Fish Acquarium are also very near. This place is very near to Debolin Airport. Place is very Small but clean and well maintained.

A day at the museum is a must for all visitors to Goa.The museum is open from 10 PM to 05 PM, on all days except Mondays and National Holidays.Entry charges for adult is Rs 30/- and the child from 05 to 12 years is Rs 10/-.Charges for camera is Rs 25/- for mobile camera, Rs 40/- for still camera and Rs 80/- for movie camera. It has spacious parking for vehicles and the entrance is a few yards from the parking lot.Their canteen is also nice.Tasty breakfast with reasonable rate. We got a new item i.e egg dosa. We have purchased mementos direct from their office desk one coffee mug and a white cap.A must visit place if you visit Goa. One will be mesmerized to watch the patriotic Giants I.N.S VIRAT. The past present and the future of naval strength is on display.

Good place and one of its kind in Goa, lots of exhibits are displayed outdoor and it would be sunny in the summer. Plan well if you have small kids with you. Sunscreen, caps, water would help. Souvenir prices are very reasonable (same place where you buy tickets).


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