Little World Restaurant Goa -awesome tea and delicious food

If you are tea lover, this place has one of the the best chai available in Goa. There is also an option to buy a lovely chai-kit gift bag with their own special mix, to take home with you. And if you’re a coffee lover, do try the Dirty Chai, comes with espresso, its just amazing!

Beyond the best tasting tea and coffee, smoothie and juices are unique to Little World, which you won’t find in other restaurants. Fruits Salad, Muesli, Greek Sandwich, Nepalese peanut butter toast, and on and on… There are plenty of options available to cater to your taste.

Located in Palolem it is the favourite spot for breakfast for many tourists. The whole vibe of the cafe is so welcoming, comfortable and such a special place to hang out. Whether you are out in the gardens or inside at one of the tables. The staff are excellent and were so helpful, kind and dedicated to making the Little World the beautiful place it is today. We were served by Shanu, and had the promt and best customer service, which is what keep us visiting each day.
The food is delicious and such a great way to start the day. The smoothies are delicious. The yummy and healthy dishes like oats, avocado, strawberry chocolate smoothie bowl is delicious and became a favourite meal to order.
I would highly recommend this place.

Always prompt, delivered with a smile, always a follow up table visit.
All around good vibes, music, & people whether you choose to sit out front or out back in the lovely family friendly garden. And the facilities are keep spotless clean including the bathroom.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner here many times, you have both international and Indian cuisine. Everything we tasted was delicious! The staff is very friendly, taking care of your every need and making you feel at home. And everyone speaks English. A special thanks to one of the owners and the manager!
The cafe has a wonderful atmosphere, a great place to just hang out. The whole place has a cool chic decor, the coolest bar with swings and a beautiful garden in the back. And special touches for the children, which is amazing.
In addition, they sell some amazing perfumes, small oil based roll-on bottles that will last you a long time, and you only need a tap of the fragrance.
I highly recommend everyone going there…


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