Scuba Diving Goa

Want to take up some adventures in Goa? Love to explore the under water life? This could be the place you may want to visit to have thrilling adventure experience in Goa.

Goa Aquatics can be good option for your first diving experience! There many and many people left very impressed with their professional yet friendly staff. This is one place where you can trust what you are being told and trained; the staff is a highly passionate bunch of energetic folks led by Anindya.

On day one there will be a training session for you for an hour in a pool on diving basics. Next day, you are taken few miles in to the sea for a deep dive experience under water (~ 5 to 10 metres) on the following day.

Be prepared to be blown away by the experience of seeing a ship wreck at the bottom. The rare experience for many, individuals are so happy for this unique adventure which is filled with lots of emotions like scary, exciting and out-of-this world. You get to see a good amount of undersea life and explore. you can expect many varieties of small to medium size fishes like few centimeters to 2-3 feet, coral, turtle and jelly fish.

The staff is well experienced, and you are always encouraged to ask your queries to instructors who accompany you throughout the dive of around 45 minutes. You may want to swim around in the waters at the dive site near the boat accompanied with instructor. The instructors are very experienced and patient with all your questions and are quite capable of handling panic attacks of the biginers. Few first timers get totally freak out some times before finally being pacified and encouraged by instructor to complete the dive.

If you have half-day to spare this experience is the best you could ask for in Goa. For the adventure seekers, this one is a good option to experience in Goa if you have a free day and 5k -10k budget !


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