Deltin Royale Casino Goa.. Fun times..

With a limited options of casinos in India, Deltin Royale comes definitely worth a visit. The name Casino gives the impression that it’s for gambling alone. But definitely there is a lot more to it, of course the gambling comes first. The live songs and dance program on sky lounge with snacks and food is really a good experience.

Casino can be real entertaining for those who are willing to shell out some extra money for the matter of experience or joy. INR 4500 for a couple gives you access to Casino, entertainment area, unlimited alcohol until 12 AM and buffet dinner until 1 AM.

While visiting, usually Formals/ semi formals dressing is recommended for men along with shoes, Ladies can wear anything comfortable and modest; Children room is available on first come first basis and is usually full by 8 PM.

Deltin is one of the few good Casino located at Panaji in Goa. It has 3 decks and a nice sky bar at the top. Upper and lower deck offering various games and the middle one for food and entertainment. You get packages for couples and singles at a price with some free money to bet (to let you start). Very lively place and interesting games to suit locals! Middle deck is usually crowded however offers unlimited food and entertainment round the clock. You can enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks on the playing tables. Staff is very friendly and they sometime make you laugh while playing. Try and play for fun instead of making money or you will end up losing, as probability of winning high in Casino you need to be a real pro and experienced, so don’y try your luck too hard in the beginning and Enjoy. Online booking is recommended and at the reception its must to show your identity card. A steamer will take you to the cruise ship which in itself is a remarkable experience. If ur idea is to gamble, have fun and also enjoy the service, you can definitely go and enjoy there. They are professional in the way they treat the guests, the buffet over weekdays are good. They have performance all through the night in sky bar or the restaurant area. The 2nd floor has good snacks , and much more food options including chaat , salads , soups and full course buffet veg and non veg. The desserts section also offers lots of choices and variety, including Shree khand a maharashtrian state sweet dish made of yogurt, gulab jamun a sweet dish & four flavours of ice cream, with 6 type of topping like chocolate sauce , nuts and syrups. Plenty of drinks are offered from soft drinks juices , mock tails to liquor based drinks.

The casino may feel like smaller to those who actually have a experience abroad, like the ones in Macau or Las Vegas. However, this is a good casino with all amenities like variety of play options, entertainment , good food, good drinks, and good neat and clean rest rooms on each floor. Security at the cruise is good. For those who want to go gamble and enjoy, this can be the place.


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