Panjim Kala Academy Goa.. For art lovers

At the beautiful location of river front located in the heart of Panaji city, this Academy which was created to develop music, dance, drama, fine arts and promote cultural unity in Goa.
On the main road of Panaji, this river side institution is must visit for art and music lovers . The design of the academy is aesthetic and promote the purpose for which it was designed. There are facilities for screening of films, holding of competitions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, discussions, debates, theater and performances by artists from India and abroad. Without doubt, it is the most important art institution in Panaji and probably in all of Goa.

You will always find some event taking place here, whether it be an art exhibition, open air theatre, book fairs, talks, and music and dance performances in the Auditorium and in the Black Box. It is also a venue for film screenings during the annual International Film Festival of India (IFFI) that is hosted by Goa.

Apart from being a venue for the arts, Kala Academy also offers a majestic view of the river and sea from its backside. There is a beautiful wooden jetty at the back. One can sit on one of the benches on the walkway and watch the beautiful sun set over the Mandovi river.

Panjim Kala Academy has an annual schedule packed with the best of art exhibitions and eprformances from the leading names in Art and Culture in india and abroad. For the locals it is a chance to experience the best of indian, western and goan performing arts as well as aspiring artists and have your work exhibited there. The place is visitor friendly and has wheelchair access.

Prior bookings to special screenings and shows need to be fixed. The best part of this academy is fabulous Mandovi river front. From its side, you can see magnificent river view, ships sailing at a distance, sun setting on the horizon and life gliding by. There are benches to sit and just absorb the beauty of the place and the surroundings.

There usually are happening some art and painting exhibitions that can be visited if you are passing by. They have ample parking. No entrance fees.
In auditorium here, music performances usually happen. Small canteen is available inside. Car parking is available.

Importantly, It is not really a tourist attraction place, so if you are not interested in art work, music, exhibitions, drama you can avoid to visit here and can explore other places in Goa.

If you are a nature lover and do not want the crowd and confusion of a Goa beaches, spend some time at art exhibition, and to sit quietly by the river side and be with nature. It is simply lovely.


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