Betalbatim beach Goa: the sunset beach..

Lovely ambiance, shallow water and a lot of sea creatures on the shore this is how you can describe the place. It’s really a great beach to see and enjoy nature and learn about sea creatures. Amazing waves feels like a music and make this a must visit. Shacks are excellently placed & dont charge you for the beach beds if you order enough food and drinks. Beach is off the main course trail & so hasnt been heavily commercialized which explains the low crowds & the tranquility you get to experience.

Betalbatim beach is located betweeen Majorda beach and Colva Beaches and is a very quiet and peaceful beach. If you visit this beach your peace and nature part of south Goa is Satisfactorily covered. It has some Resorts nearby like- Nanu resort, coconut groves resort and few others.

South Goa is relatively quieter and serene as compared to the noice of north Goa. Betalbatim is a clean long stretch with public access. This entire stretch has a beautiful sunset. Great to sit back and enjoy the sun. It’s Safe and it has Lifeguard available till evening.

Dolphins are a common site near the shores of Betalbatim and the local fishermen offer a ride to the tourists to catch a glimpse of the Dolphins, for a reasonable price. Evenings can be enjoyed with peaceful walks on the soft white sand. The colour of the beach during sunset will leave u mesmerized. A must go beach in goa for those who love serenity and beauty of nature.. Enjoy.


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