Mandala café Goa – cool vegan friendly restaurant

Looking for a restaurant that serves fresh, healthy, clean, delicious food with many vegan and gluten free options in Goa India, and that with a cool ambiance and a lot of love ? This is the place to come ! The owner and staff are very friendly and accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions with a smile. A lot of love and good customer care and friendliness of its owners is what makes this place the most ultimate place to relax, listen to music and have some of the best food in Goa.

Mandala café Goa

The brothers Ilu and Shanu from Rajastan make this lovely cafe a truly welcoming experience, treating each customer as though they were a long lost friend. The menu is amazing mix of vegan and vegetarian specialties. The espresso drinks are excellent and a mix of fruit smoothies and lassis round out the menu. Find this hidden gem off the beach and experience true India hospitality.

The cafe is painted and decorated with cheerful colours. The staff are attentive. The menu has many options like the avocado smoothie which is excellent, containing dates and bananas. The cheese pancake is special and you must try a chocolate ball, made from dates, coffee, chocolate and more. Every recipe is a special one made with a little twist from its chef and managers. Must have the tea aka chai, the healthy breakfast, dinner or any of the cheesecakes or chocolate balls.

The atmosphere is chilled and comfortable. It’s a great place to enjoy some of the best chia recipes. While you’re at it, you must try their vegan desserts – they are tasty and made without sugar with some natural sweetners like dates! You will also like their vegetable recipes for dinner or lunch, their savory galettes for lunch, and for breakfast you can opt with options like gorgeous smoothie bowls and epic tofu scrambles. Some good recipes are the scrambled tofu, green smoothie, peanut butter smoothie and their raw desserts are delicious.

Wonderful and unique cafe! A place with a great vibe where you can simply chill to good music, meet people, or have a fresh juice and cold coconut coffee are the best! Everything fresh, vegan and vegetarian and made fresh with love. especially the deserts! The owners and his jolly gesture adds to the overall vibe. Sometimes the service may be slower cause he gives his customers attention, but it’s part of the charm, and if you are in a rush you can just tell him and he’ll work his magic for you. If you are new in town or just visiting, definitely stop by here! Enjoy..


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